iFactory delivered this webinar on April 3rd part of our iFactoryEd webinar series.

In the higher ed web environment, there are often a wide variety of administrative users. While we want the creation and maintenance of content to be easy, we also want to guarantee that non-technical content creators cannot “break” the site.

In this webinar, we illustrate a few configuration options to show how to safely allow users to provide site content. We also demonstrate how tests can be used to verify the site’s continued smooth operation within a moving landscape of content and code updates.

Topics covered:

Configuring some aspects of the Drupal admin to enable a wide variety of users to create content
Writing and running Selenium tests to challenge your site’s functionality
Using Drupal’s SimpleTest module to verify functionality of custom modules

The presenter was Lisa Sawin, Solutions Architect for iFactory. This was part 1 of a 3 part series.

For the full webinar visit our YouTube channel–the recording will be posted soon: youtube.com/ifactoryboston

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